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What to do now that you have managed to direct more traffic to your website

1 December 2015, 8:09 am

With more than a million South African websites that are registered, it is not surprising that grabbing the attention of visitors who are looking for local content is a challenge. Eduard Marias, CEO as well as co-founder of Kwikweb, gives some tips to keep people drawn with your site once they had access it. Here are six tips to draw your audience:

1. First impressions count: As soon as someone gets to your website, you only have a split second to be grabbing their attention. It is important to have a key message that will bring across what your value proposition is instantly. This approach should be unique as well as specific.

2. Contrary to a traditional store front, people can get access to your site from either the home page or through the secondary pages such as products and services. Therefore it is important to have a clear call to action that invites the visitor to connect irrespective of where they first enter your site.

3. One of the most important pages on any site is the page ‘contact us’, as a lot of web traffic is gained by people who is searching for a telephone number or an email address. Be sure to put your contact details where it can be seen instantly by people, like in the header of the website. And you can also add directions as well as a map to your business on the page too while you are at it.

4. If you want to get people to interact with your brand and to use your product, you need to get their trust in you as well as to what you have to offer them. This can be accomplish by making sure that your website looks well designed and as professional as possible, the site should be working effectively and should not have broken links. Your brand should be humanized with a comprehensive ‘about us’ section, you can also add images of the team or of the leadership and by sharing client’s testimonials as well as support.

5. A rather popular addition to a site is live chat buttons. With trust being a precious commodity, people would want to see that they are dealing with a real person. Something such as live chat is working great to accomplish this as it is giving human engagement on the site. Although, make sure to manage it correctly or otherwise it could be causing more reputational damage than it is worth.

6. You should always be mindful of getting the content balance correct; this is something that is a challenge for lots of site owners. If you go too short, people are losing interest. Also offer them too much to read and they could get bored and go somewhere else. Always remember to use catchy headlines that give a glimpse of what a visitor will experience when doing business with you. Websites should always be evolving. It is crucial to review constantly how your site is structured. You would be surprised how a small change can make the world of a difference.

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