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Meals on Wheels expanding it's service area

10 March 2014, 8:13 pm

For the last 50 years the Meals on Wheels organization, have been serving meals to the elderly and people in need.

But now they are extending the area of service to include the following:
-People on old age pensions
-Child care grants
-People with little or no income
-Child-headed households
-Unemployed women with children

With the help of volunteers, these meals are prepared. Donations are received from small companies and shops, private donors, as well as some corporate companies. The food is provided by donors from within the community.

About 10 million meals are served every year in South Africa. But serving meals is not the only service this organization has.

The organization also has the Community Care Initiative. This initiative strives to provide support and care to beneficiaries in the following forms:
-Economical cooking lessons for the elderly
-Basic medical attention
-Home cleaning
-Social enrichment activities
-Outings for the elderly
-Vegetable hamper projects

Both these programmes are dependent on volunteers.

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Complaints, Recommendations, Suggestions