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Complain - Highveld Rose Country House

Very rude owner and ruined vacation

16 February 2014, 12:00 am

I bought an accommodation voucher for 3 nights stay including a spa treatment a month ago. On 31st August spoke to the owner and booked. Told him we have a voucher and he asked us to email it. As he said it was fine we did not think about it further. A week later on arrival he stormed into our room and told us to get out as we had not booked. On looking around we were the only people in the place at that time. He said he was booked the next day as there was a bike race in town and he was not taking discounted vouchers. We said we have driven 3 hours from Johannesburg. He said he does not care and we must get out. We asked him if we could show him the email confirmation and he said he is not interested we must not confirm he must. He had a week to look at the email but probably decided that he could get better rates out of the other people. He then offered one night which I refused to take up as I had booked and paid for three. The upshot was that he told us to leave his property and he does not care who we tell as we must not hide behind the thinking of the customer is always right. Absolutely disgusted.

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