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About Consumer Voice:

We envision Consumer Voice as the
preferred source of reference to product quality and service standards.

We encourage consumers to share
their purchase experience and these testimonials differentiate the service driven organizations from their competitors and serve as a reference to caution against inferior products and service.

In the Consumer’s mind their purchase experience is the true Résumé of a Brand’s products and service.

We facilitate communication between Consumers and the Brand that is open and transparent and we do not condone unsubstantiated slander.

We encourage Brand loyalty even though we are committing to the philosophy that the consumer’s interests are always the most important.

It has often been suggested that prospective consumers value and respect personal opinions of existing consumers as the most influential driver in the decision-making process.

Our product offering is based on this decision-making process.

Revolving advertising banners on our webpage stimulate the consumer’s awareness of their unfulfilled need, want or desire.

The subscribed Brand profile advertises specifications, features and benefits of their products and services that stimulate the consumer’s impulse to purchase.

It is however the influence of consumer experiences with the brand that is considered the most credible “word of mouth” advertising.

In the competitive market with a number of products and services to choose from consumers will benefit from our comparison between the brands.

We compare products and services based on consumer experiences and provide the prospective consumer information that will surely influences their decision.

Consumers evaluate a number of factors before the purchase a product or service but it is often the perception fashioned by post-purchase experience that has the largest influences on their decision.

The Brand equally benefit from the insights into feedback from consumer experiences and perceptions about their products and service.

The availability of this real-time actionable information about the consumer experiences makes Consumer
Voice a responsive communication platform that alerts the manufacturers and service providers of all consumer comments about their products and service.

Revenue from the sale of advertising space on our webpage finances this FREE interactive communication platform.

If your feedback mattered?

16 February 2016, 9:12 pm

If you believed your feedback mattered, what will you say to your service providers?

Sharing your experience is probably the most natural behavior of being human. Think about your social interaction with other people at a braai. We talk about products and services among other topics.

Talking to corporations about their products and service is not quite as natural because of the uncertainty about their likely reaction. Perceptions fuel this apprehension to communicate.

In some situations, feedback about your experience is not always perceived as welcome or outright rejected.

Have you ever been threatened with legal action for sharing your opinion?

In the age of freedom of speech, consumers are likely still in the dark about what they may say, share or “tweet” in the various social platforms without the fear of prosecution and victimization.

Keeping consumers in the dark seems to have been effective, although the National Consumer Commission aimed to promote consumer rights.

Now, ask yourself the question, what may I say to whom and where?

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